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Nav Walia - Podiatrist

My name is Nav Walia and I'm a podiatrist. My mum always said that I played with feet when I was a child. I found them fascinating but mostly I liked tickling feet - much to the painful delight of my victim! Why it took me almost thirty years to decide to work with feet is still a mystery.

Before podiatry, ten years of customer service and corporate sales taught me that I love working with people but that I don't like targets. I prefer the softer, friendlier approach to help people make decisions.

A comfortable person is an open person which helps get to the REAL source of your concerns.

So my approach to my clinic is that you should feel comfortable when you visit me. If I can identify your real concerns then I have a better chance of working with you to resolve your problems.

When you're in my clinic I'll ensure that you understand the concerns regarding your feet and that you're aware of all the treatments available.

I certainly understand that we’re not all big fans of our feet and so I hope to change your mind after just one visit.

I am a father of two and I try to balance my work with my family time. I play piano (not a pro yet!) and I love to read about natural history and science.

It never feels like work when I’m at the clinic. My conversations with patients have nothing to do with feet half the time. We’re either discussing the meaning of life, space travel, nature or most importantly - FOOD!

I qualified with honours degrees in Psychology (1995) and Podiatry (2007), then gained years of experience working in the private and public sectors (NHS Dudley). During my time in the NHS I worked in high risk diabetic foot clinics, nail surgery and routine chiropody clinics.

Giraffe with Nav Walia Podiatrist

As far as I am aware, MyPod Foot Clinic Kidderminster is the only podiatry practice in the country with an eight-foot tall giraffe on hand to welcome you in!

Podiatrist Nav Walia with his wookie friends

Big hairy feet?
No problem!

Come to see us and we'll give your feet the care and attention they need and deserve